Video Inventories

We pride ourselves on using the most modern technologies available to ensure our services are as innovative and as detailed as possible. It is vitally important to us that we can offer the best possible service to our clients. With that in mind we have now been able to add a video accompaniment with all our inventory reports as standard.

The inclusion of video allows us to produce the most detailed reports possible to ensure every aspect of every room of a property is covered. Although our reports without video are already detailed in depth, the additional video file gives it that extra little edge to prevent potential disputes!


  • Video allows us to be able to cover all aspects of a property, detail which could be crucial in a dispute situation. If we do a video at both the check in and check out stage, easier comparisons can also be made!
  • What makes this even better is that we do not charge our clients any more for having a video built into an inventory report with video coming as standard, just let us know if you would like it added.

Have a Look at our video inventory example