Our Services

We are an independent, impartial and professional inventory service provider working with lettings agents, residential and commercial landlords, tenants, relocation agencies and various housing associations. We offer a full range of inventory services to ensure we are able to offer all our clients everything they need from their inventory service provider. Inventories, check in’s, check out’s, interim checks and viewings are all offered to our clients as well as floor plans and EPC’s

Our inventory prices are based on your properties monthly rental value and our services are calculated on a percentage of that value. We believe that to be the fairest and most accurate method of calculating our inventory services for both our clients and ourselves. All costs listed and quoted are fully inclusive of all taxes and expenses related to producing our reports, so no additional extras allows us to offer our clients the most competitive prices.

Why Spott On Inventories

  • Our inventory prices are based on a percentage of the rental value to ensure you get the best deal for your inventories. All our prices listed are inclusive of taxes and all other costs, so no unexpected additional costs. Additional services such as floorplans and EPC’s are charged at a flat rate
  • For Inventory, Check in and Check out services there is a minimum fee of £45. For Interim checks and Viewings the minimum fee is £22.50. Prices shown are guideline prices. For Letting Agents, Estate Agents and Lardlords we work with regularly there will be discounted rates available.

Our Prices

Inventory Services Cost (Percentage of Monthly Rent)
Inventory + Check In 15%
Inventory Only 10%
Check In Only 10%
Check Out 10%
Interim Check 5%
Viewings 5%
Additional Services Cost
EPC’s £99
Floorplans £99